Are you needing some excavation Belleville IL completed?

Our team is capable of doing some minor excavation Belleville IL work.  What do we mean by “minor” excavation work?  Well, if we come out to a job to build a retaining wall or dig a koi pond, generally we are not required to dig a very big hole.  We have earth moving equipment at our disposal, but if you are looking for a large job, we will have to bring in subcontractors to help with any large excavation work.  That does not mean we won’t be involved, we will just need to bring in more help to complete large jobs.  Our team can do excavation work without any trouble, and we will provide you with the best excavation Belleville IL service available.  

     I explained some landscaping Belleville IL examples on our landscaping page, but I would like to “dig” further into that topic in order to explain some of the process in more detail.  If we are going to come out and do excavation work for one of your projects, we will first need to have JULIE come out and identify any utilities to prevent damage and to identify if your project idea will work in that specific area.  If JULIE comes out and identifies utilities in an area that you want a koi pond for example, we will need to adjust the placement of the koi pond to account for the utility locations.  If our plan is to just do surface work, we won’t have too much trouble with that as long as we provide the ability to access the utilities in the future.

Come check out our excavators Belleville IL

Let’s “dive” into the koi pond idea that we mentioned on our landscaping page.  Our excavators Belleville IL can come in and dig a decent size hole for a koi pond.  Generally speaking, we don’t see it necessary to dig a hole deeper than 48 inches since the depth at that point is well below the frost line.  This type of project is definitely unique in that koi ponds are generally pretty small with most residential areas, but there are occasions where individuals want a rather large koi pond.

The process of building the koi pond involves multiple steps that can take a series of days to complete depending on the time of year and the weather.  First we would need to bring out our excavators Belleville IL and excavate the area where the pond will go.  We will then need to add a leveling product to make the floor of the koi pond level and smooth without any abrasions that could damage the liner.  Then we would need to build side walls to support the exterior of the pond and prevent erosion.  Once the sidewalls are built, we can add the pond liner and begin work on the plumbing for the pond.  Decorative work closes out the project by building a beautiful stone wall that will be visibly appealing.  Please give us a call today if you need any excavation work done!