Expert Lawn Care Edwardsville IL

Our lawn care Edwardsville IL is a locally owned and operated company.  We strive towards creating a very simplistic and organized schedule for mowing our lawns.  If you are interested in having your grass maintained often, we can come out weekly to mow your lawn, that way your grass stays at a consistent height all season long.  The benefits to having your grass cut weekly are pretty simple really.  You can keep the grass cutting height a little higher so that it will help reduce the number of weeds that are present in your yard.  Having a professional lawn care Edwardsville IL will help to keep a regular schedule on maintaining your lawn.  

     Some people are not really interested in their lawn all that much and would prefer a 2 week schedule for cutting.  The benefit to this schedule is that you reduce the amount of work that is needed to maintain your lawn, which will reduce the cost.  The other side of this option is that now you will likely have more material waste left on your grass.  This type of schedule works best on lawns that have a specific type of grass that grows slowly.  Waiting longer between cuts will also give weeds a chance to survive now that the length of the grass is likely shorter than normal.  The cutting schedule is completely up to your preference, and if you are not too worried about your grass, the easiest option is usually best!

Check out our professional lawn care Edwardsville IL

Our professional lawn care Edwardsville IL is ready and able to come out and give you a free quote for your lawn!  Every year we look forward to the end of winter and the start of the cutting season.  We enjoy bringing on new people and getting prepared for the new season by putting together a solid schedule for our teams so that we can stay on top of the different lawns we are cutting.  We may make it look easy to own a lawn cutting business, but it definitely takes a lot of planning and strategy to determine the best schedule for the work we are doing.  We are able to provide contactless quotes and billing as well for those who are looking to maintain a safe social distance.  

     Our lawn care Edwardsville IL is not affected much by the pandemic due to the nature of our business.  We operate outdoors, and our operators have no need to converse with the owner, unless there’s an issue with the lawn cutting.  We can provide invoices and bills through email so that you can easily pay remotely.  We do however require the first cut to be paid for up front when we are bringing on new customers as a retainer, unless you are signing up to be added to our regular schedule.  Feel free to give us a call at the number below so we can discuss more details on your lawn mowing project!  Focus Lawns can help today!